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In 2016 i got asked by Hester to design a piece for the unique collection of wall tapestries for her Amsterdam based brand Urbancotton

This was chance i couldn’t pas me by. I used different shapes and patterns to create designs that each stood strongly on its own. Urban Cotton is focused on original tapestries, wall decoration, paintings and photography in limited edition and with Certificate of Authenticity. Since the business has a focus on great imagery, our main goal was to showcase unique pieces of wall art.

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My first design ‘Storm’  was designed as an ode to the female body, experimenting with different textures. The tapestry also contains the diversity of the female body. The design has to create distance instead of warm colours and the fact that the content dissolves.

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Since the start-up Urbancotton expanded with there collection of wall tapestries and the Urban Cotton Atelier with limited edition artworks and photography. In 2020 i have the idea of bringing a collaboration with Urbancotton focused on wall tapestries and limited edition artworks a for children of all ages.